Monday, May 6, 2013

OPD Community Partners with new Spiritual Shop

The Ecumenical Brothers and Sisters OPD is happy to announce the opening of the Simply Blessed gift shop.  Our presiding minister is one of the co-founders of Simply Blessed, which will also serve as broadcasting base for the Circle of Angels Talk Radio program, also founded by Bishop Tomas. The Shop is slated to open in June 2013.

An excerpt from the web page of Simply Blessed:
Our little cottage offers gifts and information with Spirit! Natural and Holistic products for your body, mind, and spirit as well as products from around the world that make your day simply blessed! Featuring Angel Energy Rods and Reiki!

Simply Blessed was founded by Tomas Martin Bell, OPD to be a spiritual oasis and holistic gift shop for people of many faiths. Simply Blessed aims to provide products and services that remind people of the fact that every day is a blessing. Our little cottage is here for you through all the seasons of life. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a new member of the family, a wedding or hand-fasting, a new job or home, we will have a special gift for you bless the day. 

Are you looking for a new spiritual path or ideas on how you can attain peace in your soul and in your home? We can help with books, products, and ideas to help. Are you going through a rough time, having spiritual doubt, or dealing with a loss in life? Our Angel Energy Rods can help you gain Spiritual insignt and Tomas will give you a one-on-one session to teach you how to gain this angelic insight. The Angels can help you as they have for countless others who have benefited from Tomas' training. 

Are you looking for powerful Reiki? Tomas and his Reiki practitioners offer amazing Reiki that will help you on your path to spiritual peace. 

Visit our little cottage and remind yourself that you are Simply Blessed!
We hope to see you soon!

The information and ideas you encounter at Simply Blessed are designed to be educational general information and not medical/psychiatric or psychological advice or coaching. Patronizing Simply Blessed is not intended to create a client-practitioner type of professional relationship and should not be understood as medical, psychological, coaching, or other advice. We are happy to help you learn how to use our spiritual products which are designed to help a person create their own spiritual growth plan. Participants who experience Simply Blessed products or informational services enter an ‘Agreement of Understanding’ having voluntarily chosen to patronize our store, agreeing to the terms set forth in this statement. Simply Blessed, and facilitators make no guarantee (or warranty) as to the results of the products and its impact on the lives of the participants. Participation in any promotional events (or sample programs) falls under the same general understanding.

Please be advised that spiritual readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given concerning readings. Readers and Simply Blessed are not accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during experiences at our establishment. Spiritual Cards or Readings are for entertainment purposes only. For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Vatican News Service
Vatican City, 12 September 2012 (VIS) - During his general audience, held this morning in the Paul VI Hall, Benedict XVI focused his catechesis on prayer in the second part of the Book of Revelation in which, he noted, attention moves from the interior life of the Church "to the entire world, because the Church advances through history and is a part thereof".

In this second part of Revelation, the Christian assembly is called "to undertake a profound interpretation of the history in which it lives, learning to discern events with faith so that, through its actions, it may collaborate in the advancement of the kingdom of God. Such interpretation, discernment and action are closely associated with prayer".

The assembly is invited to ascend unto heaven "in order to see reality with the eyes of God". There, according to St. John's narrative, we find three symbols with which to interpret history: the throne, the scroll and the Lamb. On the throne sits Almighty God "Who has not remained isolated in heaven but has approached man and entered into a covenant with him". The scroll "contains God's plan for history and mankind, but it is hermetically sealed with seven seals and no one can read it. ... Yet there is a remedy to man's confusion before the mystery of history. Someone is able to open the scroll and illuminate him".

That someone appears in the third symbol: "Christ, the Lamb, Who was immolated in the sacrifice of the cross but stands in sign of His resurrection. The Lamb, Christ, Who died and rose again, will progressively open the seals so as to reveal the plan of God, the profound meaning of history".

These symbols, the Pope explained, "remind us of the path we must follow to interpret the events of history and of our own lives. Raising our gaze to God's heaven in an unbroken relationship with Christ, ... in individual and community prayer, we learn to see things in a new way and to grasp their most authentic significance". The Lord invites the Christian community "to a realistic examination of the present time in which they are living. The Lamb then opens the first four seals of the scroll and the Church sees the world of which she is part; a world containing ... the evils accomplished by man, such as violence ... and injustice, ... to which must be added the evils man suffers such as death, hunger, and sickness".

"In the face of these often dramatic issues the ecclesial community is invited never to lose hope, but to remain firm in the belief that the apparent omnipotence of the Evil One in fact comes up against true omnipotence, that of God". St. John speaks of the white horse, which symbolises that "the power of God has entered man's history, a power capable not only of counterbalancing evil, but also of overcoming it. ... God became so close as to descend into the darkness of death and illuminate it with the splendour of divine life. He took the evil of the world upon Himself to purify it with the fire of His love".

The Holy Father went on: "How can we progress in this Christian interpretation of reality? The Book of Revelation tells us that prayer nourishes this vision of light and profound hope in each one of us and in our communities. ... The Church lives in history, she is not closed in herself but courageously faces her journey amidst difficulties and sufferings, forcefully affirming that evil does not defeat good, that darkness does not shade God's splendour. This is an important point for us too: as Christians we can never be pessimists. ... Prayer, above all, educates us to see the signs of God, His presence and His action; or rather, it educates us to become lights of goodness, spreading hope and indicating that the victory is God's".

At the end of the vision an angel places grains of incense in a censer then throws it upon the earth. Those grains represent our prayers, the Pope said. "and we can be sure that there is no such thing as a superfluous or useless prayer. No prayer is lost. ... God is not oblivious to our prayers. ... When faced with evil we often have the sensation that we can do nothing, but our prayers are in fact the first and most effective response we can give, they strengthen our daily commitment to goodness. The power of God makes our weakness strong".

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evidence of a Divine Plan

Our walk in the desert is over! After eight years of living the life of Love, we commit to reaching the next stage in our evolution!  Please see the attached letter from our presiding minister and bishop. The text of the letter can be found below the image.  Our June 2012 annual meeting will be of great value and importance to our path towards resurrection!

New formation material will be distributed after the June gathering. Bishop has asked that all reference to sacrifice be removed from your local training materials.  If you have any questions, contact me directly at
-Br. John M, OPD 

May 21, 2012

Brothers and Sisters,
We have heard it said that it is the Word of God that brings light to the heart. Word, in our tradition is not just important, but Divine. It is because of this idea that today we change our words to more closely mirror the image of the Divine. Our Community has been known as the Order of Penance of Saint Dominic because we came out from the Order formed by the idea of Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Order of Preachers of the Roman way. This year marks the eighth year of our inception. Like our founder, symbolized by the eight-pointed star, we represent oneness, peace, and divinity in the world. The idea of penance is foreign to us although we chose the title Order of Penance as homage to our founder and to the generations of men and women who gave their lives to perpetuate the mission of the preacher of Love.
In these last few years we have listened closely to the Voice of Love and followed the path of Love as we have continued to do the work of evolution…putting out into the deep of Life so that we may return to our source with Love unbound, ready for the next stage of existence. We are ready now to stand firmly on the foundation of Love. We are ready now to come into our own.
We reject the idea that suffering is of value. We reject the idea that a Loving Divinity would ask us to suffer. We reject the idea that a Loving Divinity would ask its own creation to suffer in order to gain eternal life. We repent of our former belief in a God that permits His own Son to suffer unjustly for the failings of others. No loving parent would permit this. Therefore no loving Divinity can abide in this idea.
Today we pronounce with the power of God’s own voice a new name for our Community and with it freedom from suffering and penance. We have walked the path set out for us in all humility. Now we walk our own path of oneness, peace, and divinity. We lay down the idea of penance and take up the idea of Peace. We are the OPD. We stand for Oneness, Peace, Divinity.

By the authority of my voice and by my own seal, I am,
+Tomas Martin Bell, OpD
Bishop and Presiding Minister of the
Ecumenical Brothers and Sisters of OPD

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community Chapter Opens!

We are pleased to announce that our newest satellite chapter has begun serving the community at large. Congratulations to Eden Kantrowitz and Holistic Healing Provider Amy Peterson, LMT who will provide massage and reiki for the chapter. Certainly we acknowledge and congratulate our own Presiding Minister and Prior General, Br. Tomas Martin Bell, OPD who is the Spiritual Director of all chapters and who is providing one-on-one Spiritual conferences through the Tranquil Oasis chapter.  We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful programs offered by Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community! Click here to see the new information site.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcoming a new branch of the Community

Ecumenical Brothers and Sisters, 
May unconditional Love and Peace be with you.  After speaking with Br. Tomas Martin Bell, OPD, DD I am happy to announce the Ecumenical OPD Community will establish our two newest chapters in February and March.  

The Tranquil Oasis Chapter based in the Delaware Valley will serve New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  The chapter's mission is to provide holistic healing services to those in need.  The chapter will coordinate healing services for the Body, Mind , and Spirit.  
Service provider, Eden Kantrowitz, has attained a degree of Master in healing Arts: Usui Reiki and Karuna.  Eden is expected to complete a second Masters in 2012.  She has also been nationally certified in therapeutic bodywork and has completed well over 1000 hours of practical training along with the countless hours she has spent in private practice as a healing practitioner.  Eden has established A Word Apart, LLC a family-owned business that is a non-denominational center for spiritual oneness, welcoming all who seek a path to the Divine.

Over the last decade Eden, has used her education and skills to provide healing services for countless people and animals! Eden's undergraduate degree in Equestrian  Science has helped her design a healing program for horses that has produced impressive results.  Now that Eden has brought her knowledge and desire to serve to the OPD!  

The Tranquil Oasis Chapter will begin to provide healing services to the community at large in February. More information on the services available from the chapter will follow in the weeks to come.  Our Bishop Tomas Martin Bell, OPD will officially establish the Tranquil Oasis Chapter on February 22.  

The Circle of Angels Chapter will be established in March.  This chapter will serve the "friends of the OPD" as an affiliate chapter.  More information on the Circle of Angels Chapter will follow in the weeks to come. 

-Br. John Matsya, OPD
OPD Communications Coordinator